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Most Luxurious Neighborhoods in the ATL

The city of Atlanta, Georgia draws in over 60,000 new residents each year, and it’s easy to see why. With excellent schools, beautiful weather, and a diverse cultural scene, Atlanta not only offers great amenities but a strong economic outlook as well. One of the most alluring things about living in this city is its desirable, upscale neighborhoods. And if you’re considering a move to Atlanta, here are five of the most luxurious neighborhoods to choose from.

1. Druid Hills

Median Listing Price: $700,152

Known for its Mediterranean-style houses and tree-lined streets, Druid Hills is situated about 5-miles east of Atlanta’s downtown district. Listed on the National Historic Register, this picturesque neighborhood was developed by a Coca-Cola founder and is home to Emory University and the Callanwolde Fine Arts Center. The area also contains numerous parks and wooded areas that feature tulip poplars and forests of oak, beech, and hickory trees as well.

A lovely home in Druid Hills. Photo courtesy of Ken Lund on Flickr.

2. Buckhead

Median Listing Price: $557,850

Buckhead is located in the uptown district of Atlanta and is home to the city’s wealthiest and most famous residents. As a major commercial and financial center, Buckhead is also the third-largest business district in the city and is comprised of about 40 affluent neighborhoods. The mixture of large single-family homes, wooded residential areas, and upscale condominiums is abundant in this part of the city. Dotted with prominent restaurants, unique shops, and lively bars, Bulkhead never fails to draw a nightlife-seeking crowd.

A home fit for a family. Photo courtesy of young shanahan on Flickr.

3. Brookwood Hills

Median Listing Price: $1,102,431

Located near the heart of Atlanta, Brookwood Hills is a historic neighborhood with roots dating back to the 1920’s. A trademark quality of this area includes towering oak trees that were planted when the community was still young. On top of that, there’s a 5-acre park that contains a swimming pool and tennis facility for residents to enjoy. Brookwood also includes houses with elegant architecture, manicured landscaping, and a storybook charm that’s not to be missed within Atlanta.

Victorian Playhouse in Brookwood Hills. Photo courtesy of James Emery on Flickr.

4. Ansley Park

Median Listing Price: $733,212

Ansley Park was one of the first neighborhoods to be cater an influx of automobiles featuring wide, winding roads within the area. Located west of Piedmont Park and east of Midtown, this upscale area features Historic Queen Anne, Colonial, and Federal-style homes that are mixed with modern houses. And with dense trees that surround much of the outdoor living spaces, Ansley Park is one of the most country-like neighborhoods in Atlanta.

A beautiful home in Ansley Park. Photo courtesy of Daniel X. O’Neil on Flickr.

5. Brookhaven

Median Listing Price: $620,261

In 2012, the Brookhaven suburb became its own sub-metro area with a population of just over 50,000 residents. Located directly northeast of Atlanta, the neighborhood boasts a diverse mix of architecture that ranges from traditional to modern and is included on the National Register of Historic Places. It’s also home to both Georgia State University and Oglethorpe University and supports a culturally rich environment that includes restaurants, entertainment venues, and specialty boutiques as well.

A luxurious home in Brookhaven. Photo courtesy of Thomas Wolff on Flickr.


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