Your lease is signed, new keys are on your keychain, all your stuff has been delivered, and it’s time to open boxes and unpack your kitchen. No need to panic. Unpacking and organizing the kitchen in your new apartment can be a breeze with a little planning and following advice from our moving experts.

Plan before you unpack

Fight the urge to grab a box and start putting things anywhere they fit. Instead, determine what you want in each drawer and cabinet before you open that first box. Use sticky notes as temporary labels or work from a diagram to make sure you stick to the plan. Then start unpacking.

Most used to least used 

Think of what you use daily and put those items in the easiest to reach places. Typically, cups, plates, bowls, and glasses go above the sink. Flat wear goes near the sink and dishwasher. Work your way out from there, using drawers next to or below the flat wear drawer for small cooking utensils and kitchen towels, then small appliances and gadgets, linens, pots and pans, serving pieces, and decorations.

Food and cleaning supplies

If your new place has a pantry, that is the best place for nonperishable food items. Spices can go near the stove in a cabinet or drawer, or a spice rack on the counter. Whatever you choose, make them easy to grab while you’re cooking. Cleaning items should not be stored near food. Store them under the sink, in a low cabinet, or at the bottom of the pantry away from what you eat.


Make an Undecided Box. Don’t let oddball items slow you down. For items you haven’t used in ages or those that make you wonder why you moved them in the first place, toss them in a box and deal with them after you unpack the rest of your apartment. When you return to the Undecided Box, decide if an item is to be kept or donated, then make a permanent place for it, or give it to a friend or a charity.

Stay organized

Make a list of what is kept in each cabinet and drawer to keep you organized. Tape the list inside a cabinet, or keep a list on your computer. You can even take pictures of what you keep behind cabinet doors and in closed drawers. Print them out or keep them on your phone as a reference for where to put new things, or as a way to find that seldom used something that you know you have.

Thoughtful planning is the key to making your kitchen a friendly, usable space. Click here for tips on unpacking the rest of your new apartment and keeping your new home organized. 


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