You may feel quite overwhelmed with a moving deadline around the corner and a house full of unpacked items and furniture. However, knowing these simple, chronological steps will help you quickly move within 72 hours. Hiring movers will make matters far quicker and easier as well.

1. Take Pictures of Everything First

Before you do any packing, make sure to take pictures of everything, especially the wiring and hook-ups on TVs and other electronics. This will make assembly at the new house much simpler.

2. Pack and Label All Personal Items in Boxes

All personal belongings, including clothes, towels, blankets and the like, should be packing in boxes and labeled according to the room they came from. Only carry the essentials on your person, such as your phone charger, a change of clothes, and toiletries. It’s also advisable to keep important documents and valuables with you on moving day.

3. Move Essential Items to New House

Essential items, such as the fridge, freezer, food, dishes, and beds, will first need to be moved to the new house, along with any personal items mentioned in the first list if there’s available room. Make sure to label these in boxes. All boxes, or any other items for that matter, should be in a separate place to not get in the way of people moving heavy furniture. Ideally, the house should be empty, except for essentials like the food and fridge. Other non-essential small items can be placed out of the way in a closet or garage.

4. Write Down a Packing Timeline

Although movers, if you go that route, will be able to estimate the most efficient packing timeline for you, it’s best to write one down yourself to know well ahead of time. Simply figure out the number of trips you will need to pack everything out of the old house.

5. Don’t Skimp on Packing Materials

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when moving is skimping on moving materials, such as boxes. Having sufficient boxes and other materials on hand makes packing more efficient. This is especially important when trying to move in three days.

6. Pack Main Furniture and Everything Left Over

At this point, all small items should be out of the house, leaving only large furniture behind. Having friends, family, or professional movers help will be necessary to get everything done within your time frame.

7. Unload Small Items

All furniture should be in their proper areas. The only thing left for you to unpack at this point are small personal items. Make sure all these items are placed in the correct places.

Congratulations, you have made your move in the most efficient way possible, and all within three days. These seven golden steps apply to moving situations of all types. The more thoroughly you follow them, the faster and more comfortable your move will be. Feel free to be creative and make additional moving hacks of your own.

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